Designed and manufactured in France

The MP Environnement factory is located in France. All equipment is designed and manufactured in its workshops with quality control at each stage of assembly.


Advice on use or maintenance, training or demonstration requests. Contact us for more information:
+ 33 (0)4 76 66 04 44

Manufacturer of urban vacuum cleaners - Urban and industrial cleaning

Maintenance and after-sales service

MP Environnement offers service agreements (500 h / 6 months or 1000 h / 1 year) with 20 inspection points.

A permanent stock of spare parts is available to reduce repair and maintenance times.

Our on-site intervention teams operate within 48 hours throughout mainland France ( Excluding Corsica, overseas departments and territories).

Let’s move forward together!

Ultra-compact, all-electric, and with unrivalled power for their size, our mini-urban and industrial cleaning vehicles are used by more than 5,000 local authorities and companies throughout the world.

Since its creation in 1978, MP Environnement has never deviated from its line of conduct. We offer the best equipment on the market, ensuring it is practical, robust and ergonomic.

Design and manufacture are carried out exclusively in France. MP Environnement is a leader in its highly specialised segment, inventor of the first waste vacuum cleaner, which was awarded the ARTINOV innovation prize.

MP Environnement is a family-run, agile and reactive SME, listening to users and decision-makers, and cultivating a process of continuous improvement that enables it to always be one step ahead technologically and to offer incomparable value for money.

Whether for demonstrations, training, maintenance or technical assistance, our teams are at your service to move forward together!

Mathieu Bouiller – CEO

MP Environnement - Often copied, but never equalled!

Often copied, but never equalled!

MP Environnement faces unscrupulous international competition with many copies of its equipment made from poor quality components or materials, or even non-compliant or non-existent safety systems, which can be dangerous for users and the public.


The entire range of VORAX equipment is designed to avoid musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)

The body regions affected by MSDs are mainly the wrist, shoulders and elbow. The number of new cases of compensated MSDs has been increasing by 13% per year since 1995. More than 42,000 cases were reported in 2012 (source INRS and CNAMTS).

Investing in ride-on or self-propelled equipment can considerably reduce fatigue and MSDs for maintenance workers. Vacuuming (sufficiently powerful) also improves hygiene by avoiding the need to handle most waste.

MP Environnement - Manufacturer of urban vacuum cleaners and Reducing MSD

All movements in the orange zone should be avoided to reduce the risk of MSD.

MP Environnement - Reducing MSD
MP Environnement - Reducing MSD
MP Environnement - Reducing MSD