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Catalogue - The thermal urban vacuum cleaner VORAX Airforce Progress

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The VORAX Air Force Progress is perfectly suited for small municipalities that are looking for efficient equipment for cleaning after markets, occasional events or for maintaining areas without undue speed. The time saving is substantial compared to foot-operated staff and relieves them of the strain, while providing much better hygiene conditions.

Highly robust design

The materials, components and construction of the VORAX Air Force Progress make it an extremely robust machine.

Trolley and accessories

For optimal manoeuvrability, for example when negotiating kerbs or steps, add the optional trolley, which features ø 260 mm pneumatic wheels, a mechanical brake, swivel front wheel, ambidextrous handle, hose holder, 5-litre jerry can, shovel and broom.


4-stroke OVH Honda engine

Unleaded petrol

Power 1 kW 7000 RPM

Transistor ignition


Splash lubrication

Vacuum suction (no waste in the turbine)

Galvanised steel filter

Reinforced composite cover, quick release

Suction hose ø 100 mm

120 litre container

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